Artisan Shows

November 24 & 25
Salon des Artisans de Pointe-Claire
Pointe Claire Cultural Centre, Stewart Hall
176 chemin du-Bord-du-Lac / Lakeshore, Pte.-Claire, Qc
http://www.ville.pointe-claire.q c.ca/

Fused Glass Tutorials & Books

Stand It Up!
$20.00 USD. The link to download it will be emailed to you.

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In this e-book I offer step by step easy to follow instructions for 12 fused glass stands including variations. They are all surprisingly sturdy and can be simple and discrete or highly decorative to complement your glass art. The instructions are for all levels. The basic construction is detailed for those who are new to fused glass and more advanced fusers will appreciate the instructions for incorporating techniques such as melts and combing. I also discuss how to eliminate and diminish seams as well as how to fix or alter a stand. All the information you need to create a one of a kind stand is there.

The designs include stands for all shapes of flat panels, dimensional objects such as bowls and plates plus stands for free form art that mount on a rod or glass stem. Every stand is customized to suit the glass art no matter the size. Fused glass picture frames are a prefect match with many of the stands so I’ve also included instructions on how to mount a photo pocket. You will also find two fun art projects to mount in a block stand and instructions for making two simple slumping molds as an alternative to buying a more traditional mold.

This e-book is 74 pages with over 225 color photos illustrating every step. Fusing schedules are included for Bullseye glass and System 96 glass in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Forget buying another stand make it yourself!

Fused Glass Lilies
E-book, Videos & Mini Slumping Cone

Fused Glass Lily download package $29.95 USD

 Mini Slumping Cone  $19.99 USD + Shipping ($10 in Canada, $9 to USA & $12 Elsewhere)

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This package contains the Fused Glass Lilies PDF e-book and two video tutorials in MP4 format. Each video is approximately 55 minutes long. Download it to your computer or tablet then enjoy! 

The 66 page e-book is illustrated with easy to follow photos so everyone can recreate the realistic organic shapes and delicate details that bring these lilies to life. There are twelve designs that are inspired by an existing Oriental or Daylily variety and specific instructions are given for each flower so you can easily recreate your favorite. Explore powder application and slumping techniques, learn how to make two types of stamens and three display options. You will also find; materials and tools lists, printable full size pattern templates for all twelve flowers, firing schedules in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for System 96 and Bullseye glass plus multiple DIY solutions.

The two instructional videos feature Stargazer lily #5 and Daylily #10. both videos cover every step from cutting the glass to the final shaping and mounting for display. If you are a visual learner these videos show it all. 

The mini cone mold was developed specifically for making these flowers and is available for everyone to purchase. It is hand crafted by a local artisan so there will be slight variations in the size and shape but the quality is of the highest standard and guaranteed. If you have a large kiln I recommend buying two. One flower is never enough! For those who are more budget conscious there are DIY alternatives in the "Fused Glass Lilies" e-book using supplies from a hardware store but assembly is required.

Fused Glass Tree
A Step by Step Tutorial

 $15.00 USD The link to download will be emailed to you.

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    This PDF pattern includes an 18 page full color instruction guide detailing each step so everyone can make this 3 dimensional fused glass tree. The guide also includes; a tools & supplies list, easy to follow instructions, dozens of photographs and multiple design suggestions. Plus learn to make your own slumping molds using simple materials and in three firings you'll have a tree! Make it any size, any color plus you have the option of adding integrated LED lights for a festive tree.

Fused Glass Tree For All Seasons

 $15.00 USD The link to download will be emailed to you. 

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    This pattern includes a 29 page full color guide with easy to follow instructions so everyone can make a tree for all seasons. Make your own slumping molds using simple materials and create a summer, spring or fall tree by changing the color of the leaves. Or you can build a winter tree with no foliage highlighting the elegant branch structure. Pattern templates are included as well as a tools and supplies list, dozens of photos and fusing schedules. Please note that this tree is different from the one above. This one has branches and the one above does not.

DIY Glass Cane Chopper


   $15 USD The link to download will be emailed to you. 

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This DIY glass cane chopper is my solution to hand soreness and fatigue from using standard nippers and it is a fraction of the cost of larger mechanical murrini choppers. It works well for me as you can see from the video mentioned below and I have done my best to include all the information you'll need to make one for yourself. It is designed to cut glass rods up to 1/2" in diameter and works somewhat like a guillotine. It is easy to build with readily available hardware and basic tools. In the e-book I provide detailed material lists, diagrams, recommended tools, info on testing and adjusting it and easy to follow step by step instructions with over 100 photographs. Even those with no building experience can make one! You will also find instructions for building two types of catchers that both have cutting guides built in to help you cut consistent lengths. Please note that the cutting guide was designed after making the video so it isn't shown. To see the chopper in action please see this video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1hiRdv38Zo

Fused Glass Stringer Flower Plate
This tutorial is free!
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